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  1. Summary

    This is the story of Ember'Xaelas nar Vryntael, a poor quarian who has been subjected to a life she has not deserved. Like a famous man once said... "I never asked for this."
    But eventually, as the wounds turn to scars, she climbs out of the pit of despair and trouble she finds herself in, reaching for what seems unattainable: the respect the quarian people once had and their homeworld. Many believe her goals to be impossible, even her own people.
    It will take all of Ember's willpower and endurance to survive the trials it takes to become a legend, because only a legend can do the impossible.

  2. Summary

    My Elder Scrolls universe. Filled with many original characters, new plots, and old ones with a twist.

    Stories define one person from another. They might have been through a rough time in their life, or maybe had it all easy. Everyone has a story, yet some are more interesting than others and very often, the most interesting ones are woven into stories to fascinate children and adults alike. Many of these such stories are about people who have gone beyond what most do, and are now known as heroes, legends, or saviours.