My pseuds:
PlotDotOh, TheCheerfulPornographer
I joined on:


TheCheerfulPornographer is the username under which I publish Explicit-rated fic; plotdotoh is my username for non-Explicit fic.

I am also At least occasionally.


Fanworks policy:

Please ask me for permission to make podfics, translations, or remixes of my stories. (Remixes being loosely defined as re-tellings where the plot structure remains essentially the same.) I will say yes, but I like to know that these things are happening. :)

I give permission for third-party archiving and also for related stories that aren't remixes, for sequels, for stories set in a shared AU, and for fanart. You don't have to ask me about these things, but please give credit via an ao3 "inspired by" link if you're posting on ao3, or via a link to the original work that includes the work title and my username, if posting elsewhere.