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    This is just me being salty and writing a bunch of AUs where certain characters survive and are awesome later on in the series (none of them are related). They all have some sort of relationship with Arthur. Here's What I got so far and an updated version of what is officially coming.

    - Balinor Lives: Returning the Favor
    - Gwen and Merlin’s Friendship Lives: Loyalty before Royalty
    - Will Lives: In Which Arthur Lets a Sorcerer Live and Regrets It
    - Freya Lives: The Prince Who Cried Witch
    - Lancelot Lives: Calling the Middle Man
    - Uther's Redemption Arc Lives: Fool Me Once
    - Hunith's Relevance in the Show Lives: Exceptionally Exceptional
    - Ygraine Lives: The Only Rules that Apply to Rulers
    - Alator Lives: The Salt of the Forsaken
    - Aithusa's Potential Lives: 10 Reasons Not to Fight a Dragon (a Guide by Arthur Pendragon)
    - Deagal Lives: The Servant's Apprentice
    - Mordred Being Good Lives: Guarding the Guardian
    - Gwaine and Merlin's Love Lives: Needless to Say
    - Elyan Lives: (Not Written Yet)
    (cont. in notes bc i ran out of txt space lol)


    13 Apr 2020