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Matt, 29, French trans guy (he/him/his).

I like to write about depressed gay and anxious gays, sometimes anxious and depressed gays. They pretty much always find love and acceptance.

Also significant bothers, but it's shipping, you were expecting that.

Sometimes people like my fics so much I wanna print the comments and keep them with me forever.


You can:

  • Remix, podfic or translate any of my fic (except my works in progress or abandoned fic) as long as you make sure to give proper credit.
  • Illustrate my fic
  • Rec/signal boost my work on other websites.

You can't:

  • Reproduce or re-host my content without permission. If you want to know if a fic is available on X platform, ask and I'll be happy to link you. I'm also willing to consider crossposting myself if needed.

I'd love it if:

  • You'd let me know when you remix/podfic/translate/illustrate one of my works! That way I get to flail about it and signal boost your work :D