My pseuds:
rheasilvia, Sylvia
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Slash fiction is my real fandom.

I've been writing slash for very many years now. My first fandom was X-Files, where I was firmly in the Mulder/Krycek corner. From there I branched out to Once a Thief, Eroica, Utena, and so many other fandoms that I always forget several when I try to list them without checking. ;-) Smallville, Supernatural, Entourage, Saiyuki and Tokyo Babylon / X 1999 are among them, though.

Eventually, all of my stories will be up on AO3. So far, however, many of the older ones - and some of the more recent ones, too - aren't here. It may take a while yet, and in the meantime, they can all be found at my website By the Pen.

I'm on both Livejournal and Dreamwidth as rheasilvia. LJ is my main journal, although I crosspost almost everything to DW.

If you want to contact me, you can reach me by email at worldsenough at gmx dot net.



Transformative Works Policy


If you'd like to podfic, translate and/or create art of any kind for my fic, there's no need to ask – I would be ridiculously flattered! Please include a link to the fic in question when you post your work. Also, because I'd love to see (or listen to) your work, please let me know about it.

If you'd like to remix or write a sequel to any of my stories, please drop me a line first. Chances are I'll say yes, but whether or not I'm comfortable with remixes or sequels depends on the story in question.