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    Long ago, in a faraway galaxy called LiveJournal, there was a community called Open on Sunday. Each Sunday, a prompt would be posted, and during the week participants would write a drabble (a story of exactly one hundred words) based on the prompt. I have compiled what I wrote there into a series called Buffy by the Hundreds.

    The drabbles are, as nearly as possible, in chronological order. They begin before the first episode of Buffy, and end long after Buffy and Angel the Series ended. Otherwise, they have nothing but length in common. Some are silly, some are serious, some are very dark. There are different pairings, points of view, and styles. Each drabble (or in some cases, sets of drabbles) are an individual chapter, and the prompt is the chapter title. Some episodes and prompts inspired multiple drabbles, others were ignored. Nearly all of them deserve a Gen rating, but a few are more risqué, so I went for Teen.

    Many thanks to the people who created and maintained the Open on Sunday community. It's where I started writing fanfic, and where I started writing anything at all after a ten-year bout of writers' block.


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    John and Sherlock, lost and found. Also, Mycroft Holmes is a meddling, manipulative bastard.

    Well, yes, he is. But you say that like it's a bad thing.