The Darkness Has Its Own Light

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Order of reading (Everything is set in the Dark Prince 'verse). Main Archive is Faerie. Fair warning, everything in my ‘verse is M/M slash and often incest.

The Dark Prince series:
Dark Prince
Dark Lands (set 25 years after Dark Prince ends).
Dark Blood
Dark God.

Arc of Fire
I Will Lead and Thou Shalt Follow (This is chronologically the first story, and is also part of the Dark Prince 'verse).
Magnificat of the Damned. Book I: Starfall
Magnificat of the Damned Book II: Resurrection.
Magnificat of the Damned Book III: Fire.
Magnificat of the Damned Book IV: Anvil

Magnificat takes place immediately after Dark Prince, so readers can read Dark Prince and then Magnificat if they wish.

A Light in the East (Crossover with Esteliel's Ethuil'waew).
A Far, Fierce Sky.

Dark Star. (Crossover with Ziggy's 'The Sons of Thunder').

Fragments of Fate and Fire (Dark Prince 'verse; ficlets).

Dreams of Gold. Gift Fic for Esteliel. (Pre War of the Ring).

Thank-you to any-one who reads and enjoys. Bless you.


Transformative Works Policy

I am perfectly happy for people to remix, write fic, make art, podfic etc. Just link back to here so that any-one can see I have given permission.
(Obviously this does not apply to taking the work, making it into an o-fic, and selling it, but rather in the realm of fandom!)
Thank-you :)