Katamari pint sized prince by _darkmatter

I do not have puppet cancer!

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Ashland, Virginia
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Sorrel: thirtysomething, polyfandom-ish, perpetual lurker. Family members include but are not limited to one very energetic dog, one very needy cat, and one very awesome husband.

I go through phases where I'm bad at human interaction and fail at replying to everyone's awesome comments, so please don't take it personally if I fail to respond. I read every single one, usually like a dozen times, and treasure them like the gifts they are.

I babble a lot on my tumblr, which is here. Come talk to me! Or don't. You do you. I'm also sorrel#3581 on Discord, if you wanna tag me there instead!

Remix policy: I am of the opinion that if anyone would like to remix, record, or illustrate some work of mine, it is an honor and a privilege to have thus inspired someone and they should go right the hell ahead. No permission needs to be asked; however, I would at least like to be noticed when it goes live so that I can properly oooh and aaah.