My pseuds:
Sorka42, Sortakinkie
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I live in:
New Jersey
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For now, only registered members of AO3 can access my stories. I apologize for the inconvenience of placing all of my stories on restricted access. I find this to be a cautionary step I must take as one of my stories has appeared on EbookTree's website without my consent.

I do not take suggestions or commissions. I write for myself. If people enjoy what I write, then I'm glad. Do not contact me with story suggestions or commission requests. I will not reply.


I am currently seeking a beta reader, who can handle medium to high word count stories. Nothing I write tends to be less than 10k unless it is a piece of fluff. All of my current WIPs are over 30k word count.

I hereby give blanket permission to anyone that wishes to podfic any of my stories. Just let me know so I can listen to them. I love podfics.