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Hello! I go by Slice or Sunny, and I like reading fic and sometimes writing it.

While I appreciate reccing, please don't repost my fics elsewhere, and especially not on Wattpad or Goodreads.

Wattpad - because I personally associate the site with plaigarism/writing theft and harassing fandom authors I have loved into no longer posting and also deleting their work.

Goodreads - A site for reviewing reading material you *buy*. I make and share my fandom work for free with no intention to sell it. Goodreads is not a fandom space and posting fanfic there will give people the wrong impression of the intent behind the work. Additionally, the site is owned by Amazon whose extreme mistreatment of their workers I find morally detestable and which obtains revenue from the site through the ads on there and would therefore be profitting off my writing.

If you want to translate a fic or do a podfic of my work, you have my permission to do so on Ao3. I would appreciate being given a heads' up when it's posted so I can thank you and promote it :)

I'm also on Tumblr, Dreamwidth, and FFnet with the same username. I'm on Discord but under a different username. I'm not on any other sites, so if you see someone on places like Twitter, Instagram, or Pintrest with the same username, that person is not me.

Thank you