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I have a Dreamwidth, a Tumblr, and a Pinboard account. Find me on Discord as Sineala#1131.


You have my permission (and encouragement) to podfic, translate, illustrate, remix, fanmix, vid, cosplay, or do anything else transformative that you can think of to any public work of fanfiction I have written as the sole original author. All fannish transformative activities are a go. I ask that you credit me as the original author, link to the original, and either give me a link when you're done or link whatever it is to the original under Related Works on AO3 -- because I want to see! (I prefer AO3, if this is an option.)

You do not have my permission to do any of the above things to any co-authored work or translations I have made (unless I also wrote the original), because I cannot grant blanket permission for works that aren't all mine. Don't remix a remix without talking to me (but other things like podfics and translations and illustrations are still fine). If you have a specific request for a co-authored or remixed story, please contact me. Please don't reprint, zine, or rehost any of my work without my permission. Please do not transform any archive-locked work.

But basically, as long as it's not locked and I'm the only author and it's not a translation of someone else's story, transform away. And let me know when you're done!

I would appreciate a heads-up first, but you don't have to contact me beforehand if you are really opposed to doing so. I like knowing what people are working on, though!