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Hello, hello!

First, because I have friends who nag me to promote this, I have a Patreon page where you can absolutely become a monthly patron of mine, if you have the means and feel so inclined! That's here: If you don't want to do the monthly thing but do feel an urge to make a one-time donation/show of support, you can always donate through PayPal! I use the email for that. Thank you in advance if you choose to support my writing like this! :)

Just a couple of FAQs:

1. Yes, I'm the same SilentAuror who wrote over 1.4 million words of Harry Potter fanfic back in 2004-6. Yes, it's all still up on under the same penname. No, I have no plans to move it over here. Sorry. That would just be a huge and time-consuming project for stuff that I'm not interested in promoting any more. Not into HP at all these days. (Sorry.)

2. Yes, you may translate one of my stories. Here are my rules for that: you must provide me with a link to where you've posted it, and I will link it over here. You must not post it at, which banned me and all of my (overly porny) works back in 2004. I therefore prohibit even translations of my work from being posted to that site. I don't care if a story has already been translated into the language you speak before; go ahead and do it again, if you like.

3. Yes, I'm on tumblr, but no, I am not the tumblr user silentauror! Someone else took the name before I could. I took a page out of Benedict's book and called myself silentauroriamthereal over there. Come and follow me. I generally follow back. :)