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I'm busy thinking, ask Haskill for a bio. What's that stuff they make from milk? Oh, CHEESE!
P.S. Anyone who wants to make a derivative work of any of my fanfics may do so subject to payment of a 'licence fee', which consists of a link to the story that was inspired by mine, a link from your work back to the original, and appropriate credit. This blanket permission is subject to my copyright notice, which can be found on each of my works and disallows only large scale distribution.
Podfics: are derivative works. See the above statement.
Repods: are copies of derivative works. See the above statement.
P.P.S. If anybody who likes my short stories wishes to have a copy sans all the extra data this site adds, email me at romersasprotege [AT] gmail [DOT] com, stating your desired file type.
Note: Apologies for lack of replies over the last several months. I was unfairly suspended because the OTW will bend over for Autism $peaks as soon as they say, "Copyright infringement!" and don't even bother investigating the claim.