My pseuds:
Sharkseye, Yikes_Moldy_Potato_Fics
I joined on:
I live in:
Somewhere in the Great White North


Sharkseye = Mostly approved fics
Yikes_Moldy_Potato_Fics = Terrible old fics


Currently Active:

- Unnamed Naruto fic (WCE)
= Some variation of Madara/Tobirama/Izuna. Focus = Madara, Tobirama, Izuna
% Full outline written, some bits in the middle need fleshing out.
# Prospective posting: ???

- Unnamed FFVII/XV fic
= Gen or slash Zack/Cloud. Focus = Zack, Cloud, MT!Prompto
% ~5K words written so far, short story outlined, potential for long story
# Prospective short story posting: Nov, 2018

- Unnamed Naruto fic. (WCE)
= Kakashi/Obito, possibly Madara/Tobirama. Focus = Tobirama, Madara, Kakashi, Obito
% ~30K words written so far, full story outlined save the very start and ending.
# Prospective posting: Aiming for mid 2019, depends on muse.

- Unnamed FF7 fic
= No pairings as of yet. Focus = Cloud and Zack.
= ~15K words written so far, full story outlined, not completely hashed out.
= Prospective posting: ??? Am stuck, but still in fandom.

- Unnamed sequel to 'Let The Word Stand On Its Own'
= Anders/Fenris
= ~10K words written, no outline.
= Prospective posting: ??? No plot beyond a general idea. Ideas? Please give.

- Unnamed sequels to 'An Unspoken Promise'
= Bard/Thranduil
% Hours of voice memos, need typing up and filling in.
# Prospective post date: ??? Left fandom, but got original story redone and posted, so that’s positive.



- Collapse 'Let's Try This Again...' to one work, rewrite.
- Remove OC from ‘That’s What We’re Waiting For, Aren’t We?’, rewrite.


As for me, not much to say. I read a bunch of pairings, though currently am more focused on ones in the Naruto, FFVII, and FFXV fandoms.


(Updated Oct 30, 2018)