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So ... I go by "Serp", and yes, I'm the same Serpent in Red on FFnet, AFFnet, GE, and LiveJournal ... and the GC Tomione Convention forum.

English grammar is the bane of my life - well, to be fair, I never thought I had a problem with it, since my teachers in school did make some corrections in my papers, but it was never about grammar. So ... let's edit the previous statement a bit: English grammar became the bane of my life after I started writing fanfiction. XD

My favorite ship is - get your crosses and holy water out - Tomione, which stands for Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort - Hermione Granger. Yes, I know how unlikely of and impossible a pairing this is, but it's hard to stay away from them once you've seen the light ... or, as I like to think of it, fallen into their abyss. Their intelligence is unmatched by anyone their age, and the flare that they have for wisdom learning is just so similar to one another ... yet, they have many differences. Not to mention the many things that you can do with this pairing ...

That brings us to the topic of comments about my stories: I absolutely love them. I appreciate reviews regardless of the length and will always be more than happy to read through constructive criticisms and your thoughts. :)

In regards to flames, if someone flames me I will NOT go running for comfort or shelter. The only thing that I will do is write more fics to annoy you. Especially if you resort to dirty language.

Since I see it as a courteous thing to reply to every review given to me, I will most likely also review reply flames. I strive to be a nice and courteous person (most of the time), but that does not apply to the instances when I have to deal with trolls. If you decide to leave a flame rather than constructive criticism, I will see it fit to respond in a similar manner.

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my fics! :)