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I have always loved science fiction and have ideas floating around my head all of the time. I am not an author but I like to consider myself a storyteller. So please do not expect a qualified authors level of quality. I will make it look as professional as possible but I am more interested in telling the story, than I am being a proper published author. I have stories that I want to share with the world, so please go in with an open mind.

My first project is a Stargate sg1 spinoff, set in one of the infinite universes that can be travelled to through the quantum mirror. I will delve deeper into the time that the Gau'auld were on earth and the interactions with the established races, will follow established lore. The relationships that will be developed with the races will however, go down different paths. I will be releasing it in seperate parts, with each one being the equivalent of a single season. I will also try to merge the original movie, with the series that it inspired. Clearing up the large differences between the two and some of the blatant gung ho nonsense, that paints trained soldiers as complete idiots.

I hope you all enjoy my work and would appreciate reviews but would prefer constructive criticism, trolling will just be deleted (Unless it is quality banter, that will always be welcome). I hope to get better over time and would welcome any insights you may offer.

@stargateHastin1 is the Twitter account I have set up, for this series. Please follow and share. Will post more details on each character there and is a place, we can discuss the story.