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Hey :)

If you're here wondering when one of my fics will get update (or when Loki and Darcy will have a new adventure), I am SO sorry. I love thinking up stuff, and then real life happens and I promise I'll get back to things and... I don't.

If you're wondering about who I am - I'm someone who has a B.A. and M.A. in philology and now works as a translator. If I don't update, blame my clients. (And me, too. Yeah. I need to face the facts. I suck at finishing stuff.)

I offer blanket permission to anyone who wants to translate or podfic anything I post on Ao3. Just, for the love of God, DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT IT. I have no writing discipline, but whenever I look at something I wrote years ago, I want to edit it and make it better. Then I'll ask you to "wait a bit while I edit it" and then I never do. This has happened a few times. Just go for it and ask nothing, it's for the best.

I'm not interested in either being a beta/having a beta right now. I know there must be typos and everything in what I write, and if you point them out in comments, I'll fix them, but I've got no writing discipline and I'd be hell to work with.