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I'm Chibi. I'm female, 26 years old and temporarily employed. You can also find me on Tumblr, LJ and at

My OTPs are Dean Winchester/Castiel from Supernatural, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers from the MCU, and Sherlock/John from BBC Sherlock.

It's pretty hard to squick me out. There's not a lot I won't write. Having said that, I will delete comments that I see as inflammatory or that are trying to provoke arguments. Please remember that no one is forcing you to read my work; if you don't like one of my stories you don't have to read it.

NOTE: I do not give anyone permission to edit or translate or repost my stories anywhere without my express written permission. DO NOT repost any part of my stories without asking first. These stories are my intellectual property. I do not give anyone permission to offer these works for download, and I do not consent for them to be available on any website I personally have not posted them on.