Tea and swashbuckling and fiction.

My pseuds:
SageFic, SageQueen
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Seattle area, USA


I'm Sage. I write stuff and I post it and, um, yeah. That's me! *grin*

You can also find me at:

* SageFic.com - my personal fic site, new chapter goes up here first each Wednesday
* SageFic on Tumblr - update notifications and ramblings
* @SageFic on Twitter - ditto
Most of my writing is BioWare fanfic (Mass Effect Shenko and a Dragon Age Cullen/Inquisitor in the works). I have an original fic I'm working on, too, when I get the chance of it.

So hi! Thanks for reading. Say hello, drop me a line, and I always love to talk writing and fandoms. :)