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Saathi1013, Theobule
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Remixes, sequels, podfics, translations, or other reinterpretations of my fics are always welcome, so long as I am credited for the original. I'd love a link to the results, so I can share it in the notes on my version. (Podficcers, 'Saathi1013' is pronounced 'SAW-thee Ten Thirteen,' where the SAW syllable rhymes with the words raw and paw.)

Feedback is likewise always welcome; I'm always glad to fix minor issues such as typos, regional errors, accidental word swaps, tense screw-ups, etc. I will also tag or alter warnings/ratings if requested kindly, as I try to be fairly thorough and considerate about such things as a rule. If you want to send me more in-depth concrit, please email it to me at saathi1013 at gmail dot com so we can have a proper convo about it. :) Ship or character bashing, however, is not welcome at any time.

I try my very best to respond to every comment, eventually.

I do not give permission for any work to be shared, posted, or collected in full elsewhere; you are welcome to use or reference excerpts for educational purposes, though I'd like notice if it is used in such a manner.

If a fic is over a year old, sequels are unlikely but not impossible. Unless it's Ephemerides. I'm finishing that one if it kills me (and it just might).

Anything under my 'Theobule' alias is either darker, stranger, unfinished, or all of the above. Proceed with caution on those especially, but watch for warnings and tags on everything. Anything posted before 2010 is perhaps not my best or may contain themes that are handled more clumsily than they ought, but I think it's valuable to have an archive of my writing, for various reasons. If you think something should be taken down, please email me at the address mentioned above.

Above all: do please enjoy yourself here. That's why I write.