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Entropy, Rutkowski
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New to the fic scene and exclusively read Buffyverse and Wynonna Earp fics. My work will feature angst, trauma, loneliness and social commentary. Write what you know, you know?

Diagnosed high-functional autistic with ADHD and chronic depression. Oh, diagnosed paranoia as well.

Why, what's it to you?

My bookmarks are organized by tags if you wanna check 'em out. I only recommend what I find to be the best work so feel free to see if I've found something you've missed. Most are Tillow fics but some Calendiles, Waith and Wuffy appear (as do a bunch of gens) and I've recently begun to add WayHaught fics as well.

English is my second language and it shows in my work, sorry 'bout that. I also don't write smut but that's because I'm bad at it.

Only on twitter as @emrutkowski when it comes to social media but it's not used for fanfics at all, it's just a platform for political subjects, activism and trolling nazis.

On gmail as emilfen if anyone loose their marbles and want to contact me.

Not very good with the whole small-talk stuff but love to discuss(not debate, not interested in 'winning' but rather in learning) nerdy stuff as well as politics, religion, philosophy and history.

Huge thanks to the Kitten Board as well as the Jasmydae archive of W/T fics for the introduction of excellent materials that are both interesting and fun to read. Wouldn't be here without those two sites.

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Profile pic stolen from the works of KC Green.

'You see a mousetrap; I see free cheese with a fucking challenge' - Scroobius Pip