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Dreamwidth is rurounihime. Tumblr is thegertie. I live to confuse. (I was on livejournal, but I couldn't stomach the sparkly new TOS, and so transferred everything to dreamwidth.)




Don't. Just don't. Some people already have, and while I appreciate the sentiment of wanting to equate my fanfic with novels and rate it as such... my fanfics are fanfics. They are not novels, they have not been developed with the goal of becoming novels, and Goodreads is not a platform designed to handle the kind of discourse that fandom should encourage. Please do not put my fics up there or rate the existing fics up there. If you have a comment about my fic, AO3 is a platform designed for the kind of discourse that fandom should encourage, or you are welcome to bop on over to my dreamwidth or tumblr and comment there. ^_^

I am absolutely for podfics and translations. I love them. I've been blessed with some GORGEOUS interpretations of my stories by very talented, riveting readers, translators, and artists. I am definitely okay with podficcing or translating my work, if you want to. I only ask that you ask me first, and then give me the link to the podfic/translation afterward so I can visit and point everyone else in the direction. That way, we can all crow about your wonderful work! 

The only reasons you may not be able to podfic or translate something I wrote: 

1. It's a WIP and I'm still working on it. (This does not apply to series of stories. Just unfinished chapter stories.)
2. Someone else has already asked permission to podfic/translate it or there is an existing podfic/translation of the story. (Regarding translations: You will be asked NOT to translate only if there is already an existing translation/request FOR THE LANGUAGE YOU ARE PROPOSING. Otherwise, I'll most likely tell you to have at it. ^_^)