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Closed until further notice.

I am highly in favor of transformative/derivative fanworks of all kinds!
While I don't actually believe that it is strictly necessary to gain permission before transforming a work, I do know that some people prefer not to transform without explicit permission. Therefore I'll state for the record that I give blanket permission for my work to be podficced as many times as people have interest in doing so and altered as necessary for better flow and readability. I also give permission for art/mixes/graphics/etc... inspired by my work, as well as translations.
Of course, I do ask that I'm given the appropriate credit. Also, I would love it if people would let me know when they transform my work (though this need not be considered a requirement).
The only caveat to my blanket permission policy is that of remixes and sequel fics. If you are interested in writing remix fics of or sequels to my work, I will most likely be perfectly fine with it, but I would really appreciate it if you would consult with me first. Thank you so much! XD