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I generally think of myself as a decent human being, although my patience has worn a little thin with having been the main carer of a small child for the last four years. This now means that I have a low tolerance for other people's bullshit.

Now, if I have made a genuine mistake that will have some major impact on the story, PLEASE DO point it out. Politely. We all fuck up from time to time and the last thing we need is to be made to feel like shit when we do.

However, if I have written something that you simply don't like, or something that you would have done differently, or something you have a differing opinion on...please refrain from bitching at me because of it. I quite frankly don't give a fuck.

I write fanfiction for fun. I try to research things as extensively as possibly but I can't be a fucking authority on everything. If you bitch at me, I will not respond. Your comment will be immediately deleted. And no, I don't give a crap if this upsets you. I am not published, I am not making money. I am a 30 year old, stay home mother who enjoys writing fluffy, romantic, sexy homoerotic stories. I have no patience for those of you wanting to take it far too seriously.

That said, I honestly do everything to be as polite and accommodating to my readers as possible. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. That's how these things work.

I have stuff here spanning a few years, in which my fandoms have changed and my writing style has also changed. I'll leave it up to you to say if I've improved or not.