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    “Save us?” The villain snarled. “Didn’t you throw that opportunity away two years ago, Yagi-san? It’s funny that the one time you told me to choose a new path, I listened. So did everyone else who’s joined me tonight.” There was a wild look on his face as he threw his head back in laughter. It was almost absurd, that this was the same weak, bright-eyed child who asked All Might if he could ever become a hero; even if he didn’t have a quirk.
    There was a chain reaction that started with the fall of Midoriya Izuku, and the rise of the Dark Symbol of Justice: The villain Deku. He had so much influence over others that he could be nicknamed a youthful Stain. With each of the teenagers he worked with behind him, they were strong enough to bring All Might to his knees.
    It was sick, yet the stories each one told were enough to sway even the dead-set hopeful to the path of villainy.
    Class 1-A as Villains AU