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October 17, 2018


Chapter 47 of Only A Boy outline is complete
Year 3 overarching plot outline is complete
Professional Original Writing website is complete and live
Patreon & Kofi are also complete and live

I am actively trying to turn writing into my one and only job, and the more support I have the faster that will happen and the more content you're all going to get. What does this mean for fanfiction? Good things. I have high regard for fanfiction and its place in my life and far too many ideas bouncing around in my head to let them fall to the wayside. As such, I also have a personal website just for me fanfiction endeavors, where I'll post updates and sneak peaks into major works like Only A Boy as well as miscellaneous drabbles, meta musings, character studies, fanfiction recs, and 'how I write' pieces if you're interested in how I create a story or character.

Read my original work at my website musebunny.com