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Hey everyone I finally decided to update this section. My name is Panda, I'm 24 (or i will be tomorrow), and I write. Alot. I love writing. I have loved writing since I was old enough TO write. My mom has stories i wrote in marker at 5 years old. I work on my own novels and in my downtime when I need a break, I write fanfiction. Mostly J/7 stuff right now but have written other stuff in years passed.
Star Trek Voyager is the only ST i fell madly in love with (thank you Janeway). I have seen every episode 2x and all of season 4-7 like ten times. I binged on Voyager when I was put on bed rest during my pregnancy. I watched so much Voyager and read SO MUCH J/7 fanfiction that I sometimes forget what's canon!