My pseuds:
Nightfall, RealmOfTan
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My pseuds:
RealmOfTan - Fluff, smut, yaoi, boys love and stuff related to pink clouds.
Nightfall - Horror, dark, heavy stuff related to unpleasant topics and such.

I'm called Tan and live in Sweden. I write fanfictions from time to time and I write mostly yaoi and boys love themed fanfictions. I've been into anime and manga since 2004 and cosplayed since 2007.

I study at the university here in my home town and will take a masters degree in Caring Science, and I work part time as an Financial Assistant and Administrator. Previously I have been out at sea as a motorman in the engine room of a tanker, which was a lot of fun until I had to quit for personal reasons.

I also have a personal blog if you ever are interested in who I might be, and that one you can find here: