My pseuds:
Alice in Stonyland, Raine_Wynd
I joined on:
I live in:
Seacouver. Possibly Cascade. :-) Also known as the Seattle metro area.


Fanfic writer since 1997. I once shared a house with three TS writers and managed to get hooked on listening to *NSYNC, only to write TS ten years later. :-) I love well-written characters and am fascinated by the dynamics of people in unusual situations. OTP? So limiting! I read way more than I write, and am shameless about what I read (long-term exposure to a single fandom as a community mod will do that to you.) That said, I'm picky about what I write, so I won't write what I can't tolerate having in my head. (Ask me if you want me to define that for you.)

I love and respond to feedback -- even on "the old stuff."

Most of my fic is here. In-progress works show up on my Tumblr and/or Dreamwidth.
Other ways to reach me: or or Twitter: rainewynd

As for the motorcycle in my icon - I'm a biker girl and ride a '14 Honda CTX700ND. :-)

Podficcing, making art from my fics, and writing works based off my fic - please let me know where it's linked; otherwise, have fun! The only exceptions are works where I've collaborated with other authors; in those cases, please ask first.