My pseuds:
Alice in Stonyland, Raine_Wynd
I joined on:
I live in:
Seacouver. Possibly Cascade. :-) Also known as the Seattle metro area.


Fanfic writer since 1997. I once shared a house with three TS writers and managed to get hooked on listening to *NSYNC, only to write TS ten years later. :-) I love well-written characters and am fascinated by the dynamics of people in unusual situations. OTP? So limiting! I read way more than I write, and am shameless about what I read (long-term exposure to a single fandom as a community mod will do that to you.) That said, I'm picky about what I write, so I won't write what I can't tolerate having in my head. (Ask me if you want me to define that for you.)

I love and respond to feedback -- even on "the old stuff."

Most of my fic is here. In-progress works show up randomly on my Tumblr and/or Dreamwidth.
Other ways to reach me: or Twitter: rainewynd or Pillowfort: raine or The best way to find me is on Dreamwidth followed by Twitter.

As for the motorcycle in my icon - I'm a biker girl and ride a '14 Honda CTX700ND. :-)
Transformative Works Statement
Podficcing, making art from my fics, translations, and writing works based off my fic: permission granted as long as let me know where it's posted or, if it's posted on AO3, you link to the original work. The only exceptions are works where I've collaborated with other authors; in those cases, please ask first.