My pseuds:
CatsAreCool, Rachel500, TrekCat
I joined on:


I love writing and I love writing fanfiction. I'm currently working on two main projects:
- Aftershocks (Stargate)
- A Jump to the Left (Harry Potter), second part to A Step to the Right
I'm also likely to keep posting the odd one shot story.

I have some health issues so sometimes I run out of spoons. Read my works in progress at your own risk.

I do love receiving reviews and hearing what people thought of the story. If I don't reply to your review, please know that I appreciate it and have sent you a virtual thank you.

I do have 3 pseuds - Rachel500, CatsAreCool, and TrekCat.

I started writing fanfiction as Rachel500 when I developed my Airwolf series, and most of my writing is under that pseud including my Stargate Aftershocks series.

When I decided to write Harry Potter, I wanted to test whether I would be able to gain a readership if people didn't know it was me writing and so used CatsAreCool. A Marauder's Plan ended up taking over my writing brain for a long time and while I linked the pseuds a long time ago, I still post all my Harry Potter works under CatsAreCool.

I started to use TrekCat when I began to take part in challenges over on Rough Trade, a great writer's site run by Keira Marcos. It's a good way to practice writing when I feel stagnant, and to step out of my comfort zones as a writer. I used to post all my TrekCat stuff from challenges to the pseud as it was easier for people to find past challenge work (the site wipes down for each challenge), but these days I tend to mix and match on a whim.

I am writing an original novel (so many works in progress!) and if I go quiet in fanfiction it's likely because I'm trying to spend my writing time on my original work.

Anyway, enough rambling. I hope you enjoy my writing and the stories I've posted here. Happy reading!