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As a reader I love stories with witty dialogue and wordplay, characters who are practical and level-headed, romances based in mutual respect and understanding rather than mere physical attraction, and interesting, well-reasoned plots -- so those are the kinds of stories I try to write as well.

Since I've spent the last seven years working on original fiction, most of my fanfic is old and therefore AU. It was however, fully canon-compliant at the time I wrote it. That's another thing I'm a stickler for -- my stories may never have happened, but there was always a point at which they could have. Or possibly, if you're feeling that generous, should have. :)

The bulk of my fannish output is still at; only the most recent pieces are here. My best-known fics are the novel-length "Darkness and Light" trilogy written in 2000-2001, which were among the very earliest Snape romance stories written for HP fandom. It was fun while it lasted, but I feel no need to resurrect Snape after Book 7, even for Maud's sake. Sorry, HP fans!