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Hello, the name is Deb. I'd just joined, so don't be surprise if I pop up once in a while. :)

I'd mainly join to write Miraculous Ladybug fics, but I'll happily do other fandoms too. ^^

MLB Stories in mind:
Forever Destroyed (WILL BE EXPLICIT) (MariBlanc; Marinette x Cat Blanc)

The Queen Bee and the Vesperia (ChloZo; Chloe x Zoe [Friendship] ) (IN PROGRESS)

The Secret Life of Sabrina Raincomprix (TW: Gender Dysphoria and Transphobia; Chlobrina; Chloe x Sabrina)

Understanding the One and Only Miss. Chloe Bourgeois (Chlogami; Chloe x Kagami)

Sunset Dance (Viperbug; Viperion x Ladybug)

The Choice We Made (Myvan; Mylene x Ivan)

Haunted (Chlonette/Chloebug; Chloe x Marinette/Ladybug)

Ashes (Lukloe; Luka x Chloe)

The Rise of FemHawk (Chlonette/Chloebug/LadyBee; Chloe x Marinette/Chloe x Ladybug/Ladybug x Queen Bee and Chloadrien; Chloe x Adrien)

One Night With You (Chlonath; Chloé x Nathaniel)

Mia Bella Melodia (Lukanette; Luka x Marinette)

Not Into Girls, I Think? (JuleRose; Juleka x Rose)

Steady Now (Adrigami; Adrien x Kagami)

Dinner Party (Adrinette; Adrien x Marinette)

A Sword on the Pic (Lukagami; Luka x Kagami)

So, Uh, You Read? (Brelix; Bridgette x Felix)

Half-Human, Half-Monster (Lukole/Chlonette; Luka x Chloe; Chloe x Marinette)

Triggered Body (TW: Eating Disorder! Marigami; Marinette x Kagami)

Bonding With a Rose (ChloRose; Chloe x Rose)

Keep in mind that some of these stories will have either platonic, romantic or both relationships. I also have multiple ideas all at once, so it will take time for me to write and update them. Also, keep in mind that these were made around the time S3 was ending and S4 was beginning, so if any of the continuity confuses you, that is why.

Either way, hope you enjoy.