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Hello, the name is Deb. I'd just joined, so don't be surprise if I pop up once in a while. :)

I'd mainly join to write Miraculous Ladybug fics, but I'll happily do other fandoms too. ^^

MLB Stories in mind:
The Baby I Really Want (Chlonette; Chloe x Marinette)

The Secret Life of Sabrina Raincomprix (Chlobrina; Chloe x Sabrina)

Understanding the One and Only Miss. Chloe Bourgeois (Chlogami; Chloe x Kagami)

Sunset Dance (Viperbug; Viperion x Ladybug)

Snake and Mouse Game (WILL BE EXPLICIT) (Vipermouse; Viperion x Multimouse)

Feel the Venom (WILL BE EXPLICIT) (Snakebee; Viperion x Queen Bee)

The Choice We Made (Myvan; Mylene x Ivan)

Haunted (Chlonette/Chloebug; Chloe x Marinette/Ladybug)

The Mice and The Bees (WILL BE EXPLICIT) (MultiBee; Multimouse x Queen Bee)

Ashes (Lukloe; Luka x Chloe)

The Rise of FemHawk (Chlonette/Chloebug/LadyBee; Chloe x Marinette/Chloe x Ladybug/Ladybug x Queen Bee and Chloadrien; Chloe x Adrien)

Spicy Honey (WILL BE EXPLICIT) (Chlogami/QueenRyuko; Chloe x Kagami/Queen Bee x Ryuko)

One Night With You (Chlonath; Chloé x Nathaniel)

Mia Bella Melodia (Lukanette; Luka x Marinette)

Beauty and the Felix (Felinette; Félix x Marinette)

Not Into Girls, I Think? (JuleRose; Juleka x Rose)

Steady Now (Adrigami; Adrien x Kagami)

Dinner Party (Adrinette; Adrien x Marinette)

Fancy Meeting You Here (Chlonette; Chloe x Marinette; sequel/follow up to Dinner Party)

A Sword on the Pic (Lukagami; Luka x Kagami)

So, Uh, You Read? (Brelix; Bridgette x Felix)

Face Your Fears (Chlonette; Chloe x Marinette)

Forever Destroyed (WILL BE EXPLICIT) (MariBlanc; Marinette x Cat Blanc)

Tired of Being Admired (MissBlanc; Miss Fortune x Cat Blanc)

Keep in mind that some of these stories will have either platonic, romantic or both relationships.