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I've made it a mission of mine to break negative stereotypes on crossovers and original characters by extensively researching lore, drawing parallels, and creating characters that feel real. Some of the information can take hours to comb through, and I can only hope it paid off.

I love connecting with readers, and encourage feedback of any kind.

You can find me on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc by clicking on the provided link on my website.

Thank you for stopping by <3

Fandoms I Write For:

Detroit: Become Human

Reader Insert. Projects suspended until this one is finished. Reader x Connor.

Fallout x Titanfall

Third person. This was my primary story. OC Titan Pilot x Paladin Danse.

Assassin's Creed IV x Dragon Age: Inquisition

Third person. Pieces of Eden are Elven Artifacts. First-ever published story. OC x Cullen Rutherford.


First person. NSFW. Awoken Warlock x Lord Shaxx.

If you prefer or WattPad, I can be found under PrecursorAO3.