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I'm an avid podficcer!!! I love podfic! I specialize in stuff that is super long. That is not to say that I cannot podfic short things; it just doesn't happen very often.
You can also find my work at:
my dreamwidth
(though I'm currently posting everything here so there shouldn't be any difference)

Blanket permission to podfic my (very few) written works and to make repods of my podfics (dooo eeeet). Just please tell me when you've done it (so I can go shower admiration upon you). Also, to make transcripts of any of my audio only works.

NOTE: Since I've been getting a lot of requests lately: I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS
If you have something you want me to podfic the best ways to approach me are:
A) start up a conversation, get to know me, follow me on twitter and chat, and then REC the story to me. If I like it enough, I might podfic it. I have a lot of things already on my To Podfic list, but it can always get longer ;) (The key here is the first part. Talk to me first, don't just ask me to podfic things from no where - due to some recent bad experiences, approaching me out of nowhere on DW and twitter just with requests is probably going to get you denied a friend request and/or blocked.)
B) wait till I put myself up for auction for a charity cause (I do every so often) and then be prepared to donate (amount depending on length)
C) Read the comments on other things I've done. Sometimes a long time commenter has already asked about that fic you want and I've actually answered.