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I'm an avid podficcer!!! I love podfic! I specialize in stuff that is super long. That is not to say that I cannot podfic short things; it just doesn't happen very often.
You can also find my work at my dreamwidth

Blanket permission to podfic/repod/make transcripts of any audio-only work/write something inspired by any of my notfics/make cover art/any art at all really. Just please tell me when you've done it (so I can go shower admiration upon you).

Collections: I don't allow any of my works to be added to collections (apart from challenge/exchanges a work is created for). Please don't be offended if I reject your request. Please stop asking.

If you have something you want me to podfic the best ways to approach me are:
A) wait till I put myself up for auction for a charity cause (I do every so often) and then be prepared to donate (amount depending on length).
B) Read the comments on other things I've done. Sometimes a long time commenter has already asked about that fic you want and I've actually answered.

I’ve had a couple requests to support me or questions if I have a ko-fi or patreon. Short answer is no. Maybe one day I will write a long dw post on why but not here. However:
Ways you can support me:
1) buy an audiobook from me! I’ve done some pro work I now have a couple I can recommend! Current recommendations are Royally Wedded and Champion. Swing by my Pro twitter (@OpalsongPrdcns) to find links to my work.
2) Donate to Charity (and tell me about it). Give the money you were going to me to charity instead. I favour MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) or anything relating to First Nations people (esp women) in Canada. But any local charity is also great!