Things to know about Truth

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Hello! Just a few quick notes:

1) I do my best to update weekly (barring special circumstances), and am presently cycling through three fics! So at least one of them will be updated every week :) Hopefully no one will be left waiting too long if they like one over the others!

2) While I love comments, this writer does NOT want critiques. I write 80% for my own enjoyment and 20% because I love to hear he parts people liked. If you did not like anything, however, I'd be very much obliged if you just quietly found something else to read.

3) Also (on a more humorous note): author has a bad habit of giving out spoilers XD So don't ask questions you don't want to answer to! If you ask about something to come in a story, I will tell you, haha

4) Nearly every time I write Skyfall fics, I also seem to write sleepy-Q being adorable, and Bond with a notably high natural body-temp - so even if these are not specifically tagged, they're a weakness of mine ;3

5) If you ever want a sneak preview at my works in progress, I keep a Google doc open to reading and comments here
I usually try to update that with whatever I'm working on semi-regularly...

6) I HAVE A WEBSITE NOW!!! Only1TruthFanfiction.Wordpress

**On another note, my lovely new profile pic is a photo manip done by the multitalented Boffin1710, whose stories you definitely need to take a peak at if you are at all a 00Q fan ;D