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She/her. Ancient. Almost no online presence as I like a nice quiet life.

I’ve been reading and writing mostly HP fic since 2011/2012. The mad flush of writing has eased now, and I write maybe one fic a year. They keep getting longer though, so it’s like I save it all for that one fic.

I enjoy reading across fandoms. Merlin, MCU (love me a bit of Stucky), YOI, Check Please, Good Omens (a bit), I’ve also read my share of Sherlock and Teen Wolf fics (although I don’t watch TW). My current thing is the Untamed. I am sure I have left some fandoms out, there are always so many to choose from. One of life’s great pleasures.

My RL is full (and rich, and hectic at times). I am terrible at replying to comments but I do read each and every one, and appreciate them all. <3