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    "Do you--Harrington, do you know other gay people?"

    "One," Steve says, and then, after a moment, "and a half."

    "And a half?" Eddie boggles at him, "What does that mean?"

    "He's figuring it out!" says Steve, defensively, "Taking his time, y'know? Whatever, the point is. It's cool you're gay, man."

    Eddie comes out to Steve, and Steve's heartbroken about it for some reason. Eddie thinks Steve's dating Robin. Everyone else thinks Steve and Eddie have been dating this whole time. Robin doesn't get paid enough for this shit.

    Also, Hawkins has been cracked open like a badly-baked cake, and everyone's settled into the most mundane apocalypse possible. Eddie Munson starts a radio programme about it.

    Meanwhile, Steve gets his nails painted, and outsources a crisis he isn't having.


    11 Sep 2022

    Bookmarker's Notes

    this fic has me kicking my feet with glee

    chapter 3 has a section that's giving edgar cantero 'Meddling Kids' vibes, where there's a break from traditional prose to a screenplay style and it works so fucking well, and that book is part of what got me into horror books (also, sidebar, but pls for the love of god can more ppl read meddling kids by edgar cantero its the famous five/scooby doo but they're traumatised adults dealing with cosmic horrors and it's so fucking good)

    anyway i fucking adore this

    listen: this fic is one of a fair few that has permanently altered my brain. it's tattooed itself onto and into my bones. i've re-read the completed thing like three times and certain chapters (bc updates) like at least twice if not three times that amount, which is frankly impress. this entire story bounces around my brain like a cartoon dodgeball on speed .

    here's several bits that cause me to have heart palpitations bc they've carved themselves into the muscle of my heart (which considering my family history of medical heart fuckery probably isn't great but who gives a shit)

    ""No, hold on, don't be," she says, frantically, "I'm just--Steve, are you telling me that this whole time, you skipped your sexuality crisis in favor of a gender crisis?" Steve frowns. "I'm not having a gender crisis," he says, "I just. Don't have one anymore." Robin sputters, "You don't--don't have a gender?" "Yeah," he says, building up steam and confidence, "Yeah! I stopped being a dick, right, dropped the whole King Steve act? That's, uh, dropping toxic masculinity, or something--" "Oh my god," says Robin. "--but I also dropped, like, the whole man thing. I'm just not anymore," he says, with finality. "Oh my god," says Robin again, "Are you deconstructing gender, Steve Harrington?"" both robin and steve are massive moods at this point and this and ""The fuck's a pronoun?"" makes me cackle everytime i read it sdgdf

    this entire section with the kids makes me alternate between giggling like mad and wanting to pull them all into a massive hug but dear god this fucking line: ""I love you," says El, like it's a fact, immutable and set in stone, "You're my brother and I love you. You aren't stupid, and you aren't horrible.""

    "STEVE: [scratching his(?) chin, contemplative] That can't be right. [...] I think about that sometimes. Not just about uh--queer people. But I shared a class with you for ages, and I never knew I'd love you someday. How many people have I met, that I don't love yet? [...] What about all those people who don't have a Robin? Maybe there are dozens of people like me, who haven't found my you." (steven marie i am kissing on the mouth in an 80% platonic way. also pukner i am clasping your face in my hands and staring you in the eyes bc this is how i felt when i was 18 and 17 and 16 and 15 and 14 and 13 and lonely and alone in a small conservative town where everyone knew me and my family and i want to know how the hell you managed to scrape this exact feeling from the inside of my brain)

    "STEVE reaches over to thumb the tears away from ROBIN'S eyes. They both giggle. They feel very much like children, in this moment. They often feel like children around one another, despite everything."

    "There was a horrified beat of silence, before Mike yelled, "Who the fuck are you? Do you hear yourself?" (i dont want this tattooed it's just funny)

    ""Holy shit," she says, veering sharply into giddiness, "Holy shit, Steven Marie." [...] "[...]You sound like a southern Belle, if a southern belle was all genderfucky. It's perfect, you're a lady!""

    ""I love him," Munson says, sniffling, "I've loved him since before I knew the word for what I was.[...]" [...] "He said," says Munson, eyes wide and earnest, and awed. He looks on the verge of tears again, "He said I make him feel safe." Oh, god. Munson says it like this is the greatest declaration of love there is. And isn't that the thing. For these kids, these scarred, battle-hardened kids, that's the highest possible accolade. Safe."

    "EDDIE:[grinning] The moon changes her face as the nights pass, yeah? And she's already sick with envy looking down upon you, Juliet, why not steal her shtick, too?"

    "Baby, baby, baby. My Paladin, my knight. The first kindness given to me by this stupid fucking town. My kindness, my Stevie. Steven Marie, so pretty he makes the moon weep in envy. My lady, my Sandy. Baby, baby, baby."

    "[...]Like Steve Harrington, Steven Marie Harrington, was always meant to end up here. In a house bustling with people, loved and loving. Closing his eyes and listening to someone he loves on the radio, making food so he could help people."