My pseuds:
Nary, Nary of Support
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Formerly curtana/shadow_truths on LJ. Pronouns she/her. I've been involved in fandom since about 1999, starting out particularly in ASOIAF fandom. Most of my ASOIAF fics here are dated 2011-2012 because that's when I imported them, but they are actually almost all from 2009 or earlier.

I mostly write in small-ish fandoms. I do a lot of gaming fic for RPGs I run or play in (Diablotin, Adventure World, and Ashnabis are the main ones currently). I've participated in Yuletide every year since 2007, because I love it, and I do other exchanges along the way as I have time and interest. Writing for a deadline is good motivation for me. Other things I write include snarky medieval kings, charming 1920s frothy comedy, and space alien gangbangs. I enjoy variety, so if you're subscribing to me because you like my works in one particular fandom, I'm sorry to inevitably disappoint but I do jump around a lot. Hopefully you'll like other things I write too.

I got on the AO3 train in 2009. I became a tag wrangler about two weeks after joining, and haven't stopped. I joined the AO3 Support team in 2014 and became co-chair of the committee in 2016.

Blanket permission: I'm fine with having my fics used for remixes, or read as podfics, or illustrated, or translated, or whatever other transformative goodness you'd like to do with them - though I'd love it if you drop me a note to let me know, so I can admire your work! Please don't repost my work without permission, though.

If you want to contact me or have any questions, I can be found at:
Discord: NaryRising#2903