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I'm Danyea. I'm 13 years old. I am a writer in training I guess?

What I write:

  • Maho Shoujo
  • Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Pretty Cure
  • Shoujo Ai
  • Anime

I love pretty cure in it's entirety (almost), so for the pretty cure fans out there, Please check out!

About Me I'm a 13 year old girl living in PA, I love jpop, anime and Manga. My favourite anime are Suite, Smile, and dokidoki precure, sailor moon, sword art online, and magical girl raising project.

Story Ideas

  • Past the Moon: Usagi has the perfect life, money, family, and friends.But what if her true pleasures are past the moon?
  • Jewel Spark Pretty Cure: Anio Kanade is a 14 year old with a dream of opening a jewelry shop.But what if a villain gets in the way?

    Current Stories being edited and worked on, but published.

    • Don't leave me: Nico Yazawa and Homura Akemi become stranded on an island.
    • Shojo Pretty cure: Shoujo Ai is in the air between two girls, Hinata Mei and Kohura, though, some villainĀ is splitting couples apart and ruining lives, as well as ruining the land of love. Can the world be saved using the pretty cure's help?
    • Supreme Song! Idol Heartbeat! Full show!:While Otori and Mokoto are going to idol school, a evil siren attacks the academy! The have to transform to protect the school..and ultimately, the world.