Deteriorated Due to Age

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A masterlist of my fic can be found on my Dreamwidth. It has quite a few drabbles and fragments not included here. Most of my recent reviews, commentary, icons, rants and squee are unlocked and mostly tagged by fandom, if you're interested in such things.

Regarding content notes: I do my best to include content notes in the headers of all of my longer stories, but I may be inconsistent on drabbles. I mention content I feel is likely to upset or squick readers, such as sexual violence or character death. However, if you're concerned about the content of any given fic, please do e-mail or PM me, and I'll fill you in as best I can.

Transformative Works Policy: Anyone who wishes to is welcome to remix, podfic, translate, write meta about, make art for, or write in the same universe/fanon as any of my fanworks. Please link me to the results if you do. Please contact me for permission before you include my work in a 'zine or other printed resource.

Feedback Policy: I love comments so much! I love short comments, long comments, what this fic reminded you of comments, comments that are just a single emoji. I'm happy to have html errors or typos pointed out. Please do! I'm receptive to constructive criticism about plot or characterisation, but if the critical part is longish (say over 200 words), I'd prefer an e-mail or a Dreamwidth PM. I won't make major changes to a posted fic, but if it's a fandom I'm active in, I'll certainly take that kind of feedback onboard. Comments telling me that I or my kinks are gross or shameful will be deleted.