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Wellington, New Zealand
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I'm based in New Zealand. I have some training in editing and publishing, and I really like writing, reading, and beta-ing fanfic.

Especial likes: Peter S Beagle's writing, Anglo-Saxon or Old Norse poetry, Margaret Mahy, Diana Wynne Jones, Wonderfalls, Danger 5, Middleman, Triangle, Machete, Primer, Michael Ende's The Neverending Story, Kelley Eskridge's Solitaire, the Pokémon universe, and a host of other lovely things.

The list above will inevitably be incomplete and out of date.

I am happy to receive constructive criticism as well as praise on any works I post. You can also ask me to beta your work, if you like. You can find me at gmail under the same name.

I am also happy to help out with any questions you may have about running an AO3 exchange, as I have run several.


If you knew me from Writer's Window (1999-2004) or (2000-2003), please consider saying hi!


You are welcome to create podfics or other transformative works out of what I have written, provided that:
-you credit me
-you do not use this work for profit.

I'd also appreciate it if you contact me first and let me know where you will be displaying or publishing the work, but consider that a courtesy rather than a requirement.

Addendum - If you wish to record a podfic of something I've written (yay), and the work was originally published as a gift for someone, would you please consider including that information (that the previous work was a gift for [recipient]) in the metadata of the piece you create? Thanks.