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My pseuds:
Molly, Mollyamory
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I'm both merryish (past) and mollyamory (present) on many platforms. Mollyamory is my user name on:


...and of course here. I like to chat and I don't bite, so feel free to hit me up anywhere you like. :)

There used to be a list of my "current" fandoms here, but omg, so many. If I've written it, it's one "hey do you remember?" away from being a current fandom.

Blanket permission to do stuff
If anything I've written inspires you to create a remix, record podfic, translate to a different language, or make art of any kind, please feel free - I give blanket permission. You don't need to ask me if it's okay; it is okay! All I ask is that you credit the original work in your notes or with a linkback. If you'd like to let me know you've created something based on my work, please drop me a note on the work here at AO3 - that will always find me! :)