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Find me on tumblr at misfitmccoward.tumblr.com. I'm also on FFN as Misfit McCoward, but why would you go there?

Permissions Statement (updated December 28, 2021): I give blanket permission for fanart of my work, with the request the artist credit me, link back to the original work, and inform me where it's posted. For any type of secondary transformative work that includes the full text of my fic (podfic, translations, etc), I request that permission be asked for each individual work. For works inspired by mine, permission is not needed for using worldbuilding details, character interpretations, headcanons, etc in your own work-- although if you feel like it needs to be sourced/credited, feel free to do so. Please do ask before using any of my OCs in your own story.

Sometimes I post "bulletpoint fics" or descriptions of specific characters in specific scenarios on my tumblr. Some of these are shitposts and some of these are things I would like to write myself. Because it is not obvious which is which, please ask before writing anything based on them.

For anything not covered by the above, please ask me.

I additionally request that my permissions statement not be archived (e.g., listed on other websites). You should always check my statement here, where I keep it updated, or by messaging me directly. You can contact me on tumblr (send an ask, not a DM, unless we've talked previously), by PM on FFN, or by commenting on the relevant work itself here on AO3. Please do not repost my work to other websites.