The Storm Dragon and the Dream Weaver

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Hellooooooo! I'm GlassSuicune from FanFiction, and I'm here to share my newer work!

I'm still alive, life's just been making it difficult to work on much. Bah.

Also, if you're new to my work and go looking for my FanFiction account for the older stuff, please please pleeeeeease understand that I started writing fanfics when I was thirteen and as a result a lot of my older stuff is... well... junk. I plan on rewriting some of it at some point (anything that's in-progress, really), but my god... The stuff I wrote embarrasses the hell out of me.

Ahem. Thank you for listening.

If you like what I write, check out my website, where you'll find more fics (such as an ongoing web novel titled Lamenting City) and other stuff I post: