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They/Them pronouns.

Requests can be sent to My tumblr ask. Feel free to come by and say hi. You can find me on Dreamwidth as sharpest_asp, if you want to come have conversations.

I don't want 'concrit'. That said, if in any work, I have presented something that is in need of a tag for protecting readers, please drop me an email at sharpest(dot)asp(at)gmail(dot)com. This includes negative depictions or objectifications of any group of persons held as a minority.

All works found in this archive by me (solely), are open to translation and remix and any other transformation. Please drop me a link or use the Archive's inspired by function so I know the new work exists. If it is a cowritten piece, please contact my cowriter for permission.

If you wish to archive my work elsewhere, please leave me a comment on the work, and credit me on your website. Cowriters must also consent/be credited.

Anything I deem to be hateful or wank left in comments will be deleted. See again, this is a hobby/therapy, and it is meant to be a happy place for myself and the readers.

Comments are welcome. I reply to them. Kudos are joy. Please do not feel you have to leave something.