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In reference to requests: I strongly prefer people email me with a polite request, and prompt. Recommending fandoms for me to try, or just random "write more Fandom X" are not likely to be very inspiring.

I have a standing invitation to anyone who reads my stories to feel free to pick out typos and tell me via email. A lot of the stories here are either unbeta'd and imported over, or were beta-read during busy fic seasons and errors may have been overlooked. I am NOT, however, open to 'concrit', as writing is both therapy and pastime, not practice for some future career. I am exploring characters more than anything else, and the plot may be thin.

A note on the use of "Series" versus "Chapters": I prefer series posting because I like to see hit counts on individual parts, to better gauge how the reception to each twist is. Chapters are used when I randomly continue something older with no plans to make it a serial or if I am importing a complete, long but closely related story.

If it is November, I am writing for NaNoWriMo and make no guarantees that any serials in production will be updated during that month.

All works found in this archive by me (solely), are open to translation and remix and any other transformation. Please drop me a link or use the Archive's inspired by function so I know the new work exists. If it is a cowritten piece, please contact my cowriter for permission.

If you wish to archive my work elsewhere, please leave me a comment on the work, and credit me on your website. Cowriters must also consent/be credited.

IMPORTANT: Comments left with any form of hateful speech will be deleted. I will not tolerate the running down of any subset of the human population. The back button is there for a reason, though why you would read anything from me if you have such a narrow mind is beyond me. I write queer-, poly-, and genderchange- friendly works.