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Melissa Treglia

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New Jersey
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I'm a 30-something gal, born and raised in New Jersey (though you might not know it, as my vocabulary has been influenced by Canadian spelling and British slang). I'm happily married to the love of my life, and proudly owned by three cats.

I've been posting my fanfic online since 2001, and have been writing original pieces for even longer. I consider fanfic to be a writing exercise, showing a bit of what I can do and keeping my wordsmithing sharp. So, even if I don't respond right away to your reviews, know that I appreciate your honesty and your opinions help me to perfect my craft.

In 2015, I released my poetry in both digital and paperback format. The collection is called Apocryphal Musings, and is available at SmashWords and Amazon.

In 2019, I released my debut novel both as an ebook and paperback. It's called Griffin Unbowed, and was co-written with Nicole Harvelle. You can find it at both SmashWords and Amazon. We are currently working on the sequel!

Yearly Fanfiction Word Counts:
2001-2009: 40,118
2010: 23,336
2011: 13,194
2012: 37,767
2013: 16,463
2014: 2,167
2015: 43,476
2016: 16,382
2017: 52,865
2018: 16,437
2019: 11,532