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This beautiful picture I use as my Avatar belongs to Koji. I don't know her or him at all, just found it on Deviant art.
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I would like to express my deepest thanks to all the authors here sharing their stories! You put so much work and effort in them! Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas!

At time being I read solely fanfiction of everything related to Final Fantasy VII preferring stories with Pairings

Sephiroth x Cloud ( I love stories of Sephiroth mind Controlling Cloud - Metalucario now YanderePuppetCloud writes a lot good stuff about them!)

Genesis x Sephiroth (I generally adore Genesis. He is so proud, elegant and beautiful!)
Genesis x Cloud
Rufus x Reno
Reno x Cloud.

I am an absolute fan of Gackt Camui. He is so beautiful and talented in everything he does! For those who do not know he is the voice actor of Genesis Rhapsodos and Genesis was more or less modelled after him.

I also loved World of Warcraft until the release of "Mists of Pandaria" where I favored playing my Night elven priestess. And I once was and still am a great fan of Sailor Moon. Thus the Name Melissa Moonlight. It is somehow a correlation of Moon and an Elven sounding Name for my Night elve in WoW.

Otherwise I really like
"Code Geass" : Favourite pairing Lelouge Lamperouge, which I really like in the role of emperor with Suzaku Kuruguri as his Knight. Lelouch is so beautiful and aristocratic and Suzaku so proud in his role as Knight of Zero.

I love the X-files! I love fanfictions about Mulder x Krycek. They are a sweet if totally unrealistic couple and could not possibly lead a life together. But so what?

And sorry for any typing mistakes or odd phrasing in my Reviews. I am reading a lot at night when I should be sleeping.... ; )
By the way I am totally addicted to coffee - maybe because I sleep to little? ; )