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OKAY! So I figured out what I need to do. I am going to start writing connected one-shots and adding my preservation series.:) The way I write now, and the methods I want to start using have grown/shifted into different things/mediums. I think writing connected series instead of full out books as much helps.

Some works are still more suited to a one book world, while other's aren't. I won't be changing the course of those, but for the future, I will probably writing in more of a series feel.

Life Finds A Way: Done Now.

Dead Shadow: This fic isn't almost done, but I will be concentrating on it after Life Finds A Way. It makes no sense to pull it down. It will be done sometime after Christmas (maybe before) but definitely before Valentine's Day.

Revenge of The Lost: This is a big story, and I am going to be turning it into a series.