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New England, US


This 'socknography' is based on betts' rubric and discourse, visible here.

About me: I'm Meatball42 here on Ao3, Tumblr, Livejournal, and, and LilacChica on Discord. I am a legal adult and a social worker.

Fan History: I started in fandom in 2009 on the Talk CSI forums, which is where I discovered fanfiction. My first fandoms were police procedural shows like In Plain Sight, NCIS, and Bones. In 2010, I read a Leverage/Torchwood crossover and Torchwood became my first mono-fandom experience. After this, a cute girl got me into Supernatural in 2013, and then different cute girl I met through Supernatural dragged me into the MCU, where I have resided since.

Fandom participation: I started participating in fic exchanges in 2012 with Rare Pair Fest. Since then I've been in fic exchanges on AO3 and LiveJournal almost continuously, with some of my favorites being the Cap-IronMan Holiday Exchange, the Be_Compromised Clintasha community exchanges, and various polyamory exchanges.

Spotlight: Choosing favorite works is really hard! I adore my Torchwood longfics, A Matter of Choice and Defining Ianto. The latter was a very self-actualizing writing process during my junior year. If the Night Comes... is near and dear to my heart despite being so weird that it's not very popular. I also love Afterwards, though I really should get around to the sequel. Optical Illusions..., The snake in the garden..., and The Green Line are favorites. The Chariot is one of my rare arts, and I love it.

Policies: I am open to any and all transformative works of my works, including art, remixes, podfic, or translation! Just drop me a line to let me know when it's done :)
If you see any errors—grammar, continuity, or otherwise—in my stories, please do tell me! I want to know!