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Gosh, nobody told me that this thing was still empty three years after I joined. Well then, I'm bad at keeping track of time anyway. I read, I write (I really try) and I like to break into new fandoms on here because there's so much awesome out there. The writing part of this account is really big for archiving purposes since I cruise Livejournal mainly where I am to be found as Mangacat201, with a bit more fic actually, I'm still in the process of transferring stuff. Oh, and if anyone's looking, I give blanket permission for podficcing, remixing, getting inspired to do artstuffs etc. provided you let me know so I can go and marvel and squee and be all excited about it.

Also, I apparently belong to the Hugo Award Winners 2019 - an honour and a privilege. AO3 for the win!